pay for a research paper com – The head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority consented to the administration of the names).

A day earlier insinuation accused the subcommittee spokeswoman for the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Pietrienko. He identified as the charges that Russia could be converted flight recorders of the Tu-154 Polish. According to the spokeswoman, “in some foreign media allegations emerged of Mr. (Anthony) Macierewicz is that Russia could somehow swap + black box of Tu-154M aircraft after the crash in April 2010. +”. “Such information is seen only as unsubstantiated innuendo and an attempt to destabilize the normal work process representatives of the two ministries,” – said Pietrienko. She pointed out that in Smolensk “takes working together representatives of the Investigative Committee of Russia and the competent Polish authorities.” A spokeswoman stressed that both the materials of criminal cases, and in the MAK report specifically noted that at the crash site found the recorder audio recorder parameters, operational data recorder (doubling, so-called. Recorder quick access), and an additional, installed by the Polish operating recorder ATM parameters. She stressed that the work on the opening and copying of records conducted with the participation of specialists flights from Polish and Polish military prosecutor’s office and the opening and copying data from the last Polish registrar made in Warsaw. “Therefore, any statement about turning the black boxes or forgery by the Russian side are totally groundless and based on fantasy, not fact” – said a spokeswoman for the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. “Polish Gazeta” published an article on Wednesday about the recorders of the Tu-154. Citing records of inspections crash site drawn up by officers of the Russian newspaper wrote that on 10 April 2010.

In Smolensk Russians found undamaged flight recorders, which after packaging in bags were taken from wrakowiska and gone, and in their place a few hours later appeared identically looking box enough that serious damage. According to “Gazeta Polish” device found later became the principal evidence in the investigation into Russian and back from him – the foundation of the MAK report and committee Jerzy Miller. “GP” ruled that “in both cases could be about the same equipment.” On 10 April 2010 plane Tu-154 Polish delegation traveling to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn crime crashed at Smolensk. It killed 96 people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, many high-ranking government officials and military commanders. (PAP) Author: Jakub Borowski, Karol Kostrzewa frown / kos / vapors / A monument commemorating the victims of the Smolensk air crash will be ready on April 10. In a month we want anniversary of the Smolensk tragedy was an opportunity also to the fact that this monument was unveiled – Sasin told reporters. When asked about the memorial of former President Lech Kaczynski, he said: “a little later.” “At the moment, this monument is executed, it is a different technology (performance) – casting bronze figures.

It requires many months of work, at the moment the work is in progress, we are planning the ceremony in the autumn” – said Sasin.zobacz also Macierewicz: we have evidence that the Russians have hidden recorder flight to Smolensk »Asked whether the next miesiecznica, April 10 this year., will be the last such ceremony, he said:” this is the announcement by the President Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski. ” He explained that the next miesiecznice may have a different form than before. “In this form (as it is now – PAP) will certainly be the last miesiecznica. Certainly in some form or the Mass, they will certainly, I think it is necessary. People who come here have a need for that in these Masses participate “- said Sasin. “However, in such form, as yet surely these miesiecznice end with the unveiling of the monument, which was also a goal. These were miesiecznice so as to bring this to the memory of the victims was commemorated in an appropriate way” – he stressed. Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said several months ago that he believed that the eighth anniversary of the tragedy, in 96 monthly miesiecznice aim of organizing marches and demonstrations will be realized. “I believe that on the eighth anniversary of the monuments here and will hear a definitive answer from Smolensk,” – said in August, when monthly report 88.

Kaczynski. He added, “then, after 96 marches, and yet the victims were 96, we will be able to say: + finish +”. Sasin was asked also about the final report of the subcommittee Smolensk on. Disaster of April 10, 2010. “I think that the final report is difficult to talk until until I have access to all the evidence in the case, first of all to the wreck. I would treat this report which will be presented next month as some closing of this phase of work, which is possible without access to evidence, which is a summary of some of the work of the Subcommittee for the past more than two years “- he said the Sasin.zobacz: PO: Subcommittee Smolensk afraid of embarrassment, hence the lack of a report» “in contrast, probably, to say a total dispelling any doubt, it is probably not possible at the moment is not, at least that is my opinion without the knowledge of the report,” – said Sasin.

Portal wrote on Thursday that “the decision was made to discontinue the publication of any report,” the work of the government subcommittee, which re-examine the causes of the Smolensk air crash. Instead – as reported by the portal – you planned during the conference on April 10 appears to be a multimedia service to pay for a research paper presentation summarizing existing research and lessons learned. Denied reports in the head of the subcommittee Smolensk, b. Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. He assured that the information that the subcommittee did not publish the report on the eighth anniversary of the disaster, has nothing to do with the truth. Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin on Friday expressed the view that the final report on the merits of the Smolensk disaster can arise when Poland will be the remains of the Tu-154M.

Established in February 2016. Macierewicz by the sub-committee to re-examine the disaster presented its findings on April 10 last year According to the subcommittee explosions plane he was torn in the fuselage, wings and wing center and left destruction began even before the passage of the birch. According to Macierewicz state institutions that have investigated the Smolensk disaster, had failed to fulfill the basic obligations and the decisions in this case were political. April 10, 2010. In Smolensk plane crash of Tu-154 who drives a delegation to the celebration of the Katyn were killed 96 people, including President Lech Kaczynski and the chief commander.

Voting results from all polling stations in the White Podlaska handed PAP Vice-President of the municipal electoral commission John Polkowski. Stefaniuk achieved the best result in the first round – 44.03 percent. votes, Litwiniuk was the second – 32.43 percent. votes. Andrzej Czapski (KW Radzyn Association of Local Initiatives) won 11.97 percent. votes, and Boguslaw Broniewicz (KW Local Government White) – 11.56 proc.Stefaniuk is the president of Biala Podlaska from 2014., is a member of the PiS. Litwiniuk is a member of the PO, the entire bygone term he was deputy president. It was canceled at the beginning of September this year, after he announced his run in the elections. (PAP) Author: Zbigniew Kopec In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the District Court Katowice-East decided to arrest for two months b. The head of the Financial Supervision Commission Marek Chrzanowski (PAP passed as one of his defenders Radoslaw Baszuk, b. The head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority consented to the administration of the names).

Earlier Katowice prosecutor’s office, which requested the arrest, put Chrzanowski objection of power by a public official – President of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – in order to gain personal and property by another person. Karczewski was asked by reporters about the scandal in the Senate FSA, or has full confidence in the President of the Polish National Bank Glapinski Adam. “Personally, yes, I have confidence. I know very well Mr. Professor. Glapinski is extremely experienced man and from my observations, that shall hold office very well,” – he said. The attention of journalists that Glapinski defended b. The head of the FSA after the publication of “GW” and Chrzanowski is currently facing charges, Karczewski replied: “I do not know whether to defend. They know each other, knew each other from the past and conveyed his impressions from the past, expressed Mark opinion of Mr.

Ch., spoke favorably of him, met with the parties. ” On the statement of one of the journalists that he was wrong Glapinski on b. The head of the FSA, Karczewski replied that “they knew a good side and a good side this president Glapinski you said.” “How will the judgment it say whether it was dishonest. I do not know if he was not. There has been the case, is arrested, it is a strong suspicion that he was dishonest – I can say this, we now have the facts, but let’s wait for police work , prosecution, and later possibly the judgment “- said Karczewski. Marshal asked if b. The head of the FSA acted alone, replied: “I do not know if acted alone, but everything indicates that he acted alone and a total opposition, often totally is misleading, he says about the Mafia Law and Justice-esque, I can say because the state often ask me, whose affair is, (it) Brand affair Ch. “. “Gazeta Wyborcza” wrote on November 13 that in March 2018 years, among others, the owner offered Chrzanowski Getin Noble Bank’s favor Leszek Czarnecki Getin Noble Bank in exchange for approximately 40 million zl – was supposed to be indicated by the remuneration for the FSA chief lawyer. Czarnecki recorded the conversation and filed a notice on the matter to the prosecutor.

The recording was not a statement about the amount Chrzanowski. According to the businessman, the former head of the Financial Supervision Authority had to show him a card on which he saved 1 per cent., Which – as written “GW – was to be part of the value of Getin Noble Bank” associated with the result of the bank. “Advocate Czarnecki attorney. Roman Giertych said that the famous cards of one percent no, but – as he argued – is another way to prove that there was. He said that his client is ready to be examined wariograficznemu. Many mistakenly set up in Europe, the new Member States, once free themselves from dictatorship, they come on the irreversible path towards a stable democracy. This assumption is proved in the case of Spain and Portugal (…), but not in the case of some former Warsaw Pact countries – says the British newspaper. “FT” writes that “the latest disturbing incident took place in Poland, where, according to media reports, one of the most popular singers not permitted to take part in the national festival, criticized the government, which led to a boycott of the event by the artists.” In another article, the newspaper specifies that it is a performance Kayah Festival of Polish Song in Opole.

See also: “FT”: Russia intensifies cyber attacks destabilizing the Western democracies »London daily reminds that earlier in Hungary there has been a gradual erosion of democracy and civil liberties, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced the creation of” illiberal democracy, “and pointed to as a model of China, Russia and Turkey. “FT” notes that at present the European Union lacks the tools to stop “subsidence (Member States) in authoritarianism,” while “the responsibility for defending the rule of law and the European Convention on Human Rights traditionally lies with the Council of Europe, which does not belong to (structures ) of the EU. ” Official warns that the Union must be careful when it comes to punishing “stray Member States” by suspension of their voting rights in the Council, because it can cause counterproductive. It recalls that in Hungary, “Orban already fueling anti-EU sentiment in order to strengthen its position in the country.” See also: Glinski: Without the “archipelago of Polishness” was not democracy in Poland »” At the moment, EU countries must monitor violations of democracy and freedom among Member States and condemn them. For this purpose, the Western countries consider themselves guardians of European values ??should take a look at the own activities and the growth of populism in our own backyard “- noted the” FT “. “Respect for the rule of law and democratic values ??are now a non-negotiable part of the EU. Upholding these principles requires vigilance, calling a spade a spade and recognize that these principles apply to all. Violations of human rights and democracy in Eastern Europe are not yet an existential threat to the Union, but it would be foolish to assume that it never will “- concludes the” Financial Times “. During the debate in the March POLIN Museum “Epidemics hate speech.

March ’68 How close are we?” lecture delivered by social psychologist Dr. Michael Bilewicz, who directs the Center for Research on Prejudice Warsaw University. Scientist among others He talked about their research in Poland, the phenomenon of secondary anti-Semitism, and in his speech he compared what happened in March 1968. with what is happening lately ( -mowy-hate-as-close-March-68-we). Senators PiS and Artur Rafal Warzocha Locksmith in a statement addressed to the Speaker of the Senate Stanislaw Karczewski referred to the occurrence Bilewiczes. In their view, there were placed false thesis of “secondary anti-Semitism”.

The authors of the statement note that Bilewicz was last year’s winner of the grant of 2 million granted by the National Center for Science project studying speech contemptible. They asked whether it should be supported from public funds “this type of activity.” The Minister of Science, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin was asked on Friday – aired on television – whether such research should be allocated funds from the Ministry of Science. “This is not a subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, only grant from the National Science Center – this agenda, which has a very high degree of autonomy” – noted the Minister. “I remember very well the days when about who gets research grant, and who is not, politicians decided. (…). As long as I am minister of science and higher education, there will be no manual control by the ministry of scientific research,” – he stressed Gowin . In his opinion about who gets the grant, they must settle experts. “This is the independence of science. At the time when these decisions will make politicians forget about the autonomy of universities, forget about the independence of science and forget about the fact that Polish science will be developed. Even if the decisions of the experts are wrong, and even extremely controversial, this generally speaking, such a system of independent peer review should remain “- said the deputy.


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